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Creative Links of the Week #25

Now that the holidays are all over, we're back to another basic edition of Creative Links of the Week. That means we're rounding up the best, most inspiring links from around the web this week and we're sharing with you our top five most viewed and appreciated posts from My Modern Met. Of course, let's start it all off with some sick street art (as seen above). Now enjoy!

Around the Web:

Love this mash-up of Batman x Dr. Seuss.

It's like pixel art on your wall.

Motivational temporary tattoos.

Big photography news: Nikon announces their new flagship DSLR, the D4.

Move over Coke, time to create our own soda.

I think I need some Disco Dust.

Big fan of Malcolm Gladwell's books.

How I'd love to sleep in the TreeHotel.

Seed faces are creepy yet cool.

A typewriter for cocktails? Crazy.

Tableware that will make you do a double-take.

Fun DIY project using a vintage suitcase.

Like the mushroom looking lamp.

Some fun Marvel and DC geek art.

You can't help but smile after seeing a paper city Paris.

Best of My Modern Met:

Incredibly, he only used packaging tape and a scalpel.

This book sculpture is beautiful!

Now that's some haunting photography.

Seasonally changing outdoor art.

How do you stay creative?

First image found via [The CoolHunter]

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