Amazing Topographical Sculptures Embedded Below

Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias creates sculptural installations that are embedded into their surrounding architecture, playing and redefining the spaces they occupy. The ongoing Metonymy series (Metonimia in Spanish) also explores the relationships between art and nature. Using natural landscapes and simulations of cascading waterfalls, Iglesias incorporates her assembled topography indoors.

The artist is conscious of every element that affects the viewer’s experience when entering a room and viewing her work, from the lighting to the spacial composition of each piece. They serve to transform the architecture, changing the reality of a space along with its appearance. She says, “I’m interested in the idea of making a well outside connecting you to the depths of the earth. And I’m interested in a well that takes you to a dreamy place you know is not possible.

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January 18, 2017

31 Artists Who Transform Ordinary Paper Into Astonishing Works of Art

Paper is one of the great artistic chameleons. This easily accessible material that’s used in crafting incredible, gallery-worthy works of art is the same that contains crude sketchbook doodles never meant to see the light of day. It’s this fascinating dichotomy that entices creatives to experiment and use paper art as the centerpiece of their work. Depending on technique, paper can look wildly different.

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January 17, 2017

Romantic Man Builds a Vintage-Inspired Mechanical Toy for His Girlfriend

Long distance relationships are tough, but there’s one upside—you can make a really elaborate gift for your significant other without the risk that they’ll find out. Redditor gsxr93 used this to his advantage when crafting the perfect birthday present for his girlfriend. “Every summer we spend tons of time hiking and enjoying the outdoors together,” he wrote in an Imgur post. Using this as visual inspiration, he created an automata, or mechanical toy.

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