Customizing your Laptop

I don't know about you but I hate having my laptop look just like everyone else's. However I do have to occasionally dress for success so a Hello Kitty laptop is out of the question. I was happy then to find the Skin Weaver Executive Collection.

They have a really nice set of skins that don't make you look like you are still in high school (if you are still in high school they have other collections you'll like too). The skins come as a set and are on heavy duty textured stock. I have the one shown at the top of this post and it looks great on my Dell laptop. You can have them cut the stickers to fit your specific model or you can do it yourself. The glue they use leaves no residue at all when you remove the sticker.

This is a high quality product that I strongly recommend. There's no reason to settle for a boring laptop anymore.

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