My Modern Shop Spotlight #2 – Lost in Chinatown by D. Yee

Over on My Modern Shop, we have a growing selection of prints and canvases featuring the works of some of the most talented artists and photographers out there today. Our collection includes everything from surreal photography to graphic art prints that have been featured on My Modern Met. To give our readers a better taste of the spectacular content in the shop, we're spotlighting works each week. This week, we bring you the captivating photo titled Lost in Chinatown by photographer D. Yee.

Like a scene straight out of Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood for Love, the New York-based photographer captures the beautiful, cinematic moment of a dapper man contemplatively sitting in a restaurant booth. With a cigarette in one hand wafting a tantalizing stream of smoke across his face, the photographer's shot sets an alluring scene filled with questions. The masterful storyteller manages to build a narrative without revealing much. It's the viewer's natural curiosity that plays harmoniously with the photographer's captivating images.

This print is currently available to purchase through My Modern Shop.

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