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Awesome Apartment Designed with 25,000 Ping Pong Balls

Living in New York can mean adapting to far smaller living spaces, but that's not to say that architectural design should have to suffer. Brooklyn-based designer Daniel Arsham of Snarkitecture has made sure that his 90-square-foot residence is nothing short of amazing. The experimental personal project known as Box/Box took approximately two months to complete, costing less than $100 per square foot. The key ingredient in his tiny living quarters? Ping pong balls!

Using approximately 25,000 of the plastic white and grey spheres, Arsham lined the walls of his room, transforming it into a pixelated paradise. Despite the size of the compact room, which is essentially a bedroom attachment to the Snarkitecture offices that is entered through a ladder, it seems to boast a clean and sufficient amount of living space with an intriguingly textured and monochromatic home aesthetic. The designer even thought ahead and coated the balls, which are highly flammable on their own, with a fire retardant intumescent to prevent such disasters.

Daniel Arsham website
via [Co.Design]

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