Unbelievable Anatomical Illustrations Using Sharpies

Last year, artist Danny Quirk’s realistic anatomical paintings of people pulling their skin back to reveal their inner organs had us do a double-take to make sure what we were seeing wasn’t real. The scientific illustrator clearly has an interest in the human anatomy as presented in his body of work. Quirk has continued his fascination with anatomy by starting this year off with a new set of work, this time using sharpies and acrylics on liquid latex carefully positioned on willing subjects.

The fine art illustrator’s masterful skills reveal the intricate inner workings of the human body. Quirk thoroughly draws and paints muscle, tissue, bone, and organs on his meticulously placed layer of latex, as though the models’ skin is translucent, offering a window to see sections of their inner structure. His application of body art is similar to Japanese art student Chooo-san, though his chosen depictions are far more accurate to real life. The artist’s subjects are like walking three-dimensional scientific textbooks. Quirk may be onto a new mode of study for medical students.

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January 18, 2017

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