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Lights Out in NYC

You may have read a recent article on CNN called New York after Sandy: A tale of two cities where writer Kat Kinsman describes how New York City has been split between “those with power and those hunkering down in the dark.” Today, through not professional photographers (or those that work for the AP or Getty) but instead those posting images on Flickr and Facebook, here's a collection of images that really show you what it looks like on the ground in the dark parts of New York City.

As erin m stated, “We walked into Manhattan after it got dark on Wednesday. It's dark, obviously, but the major streets are no less loud than they are when the city has power. Side streets are pitch black and terrifying. A handful of bars were open and serving by candlelight, and inside no one seemed to particularly care what was going on outside.”

Above: Mercer street during blackout in NYC – at Soho, New York by Guillaume Gaudet

Sandy blackout by erin m

Chinatown during blackout in NYC – at Chinatown, New York by Guillaume Gaudet

Lights Out Lower Manhattan: Hurricane Sandy by Jane Kratochvil

Hurricane Sandy's blackout and the streets of lower Manhattan by Dan Nguyen

Sixth Avenue and 23rd street, during Sandy blackout by Dan Nguyen

Downtown Dark by Several seconds

Lights Out by Michal Jaszewski


Darkness and the Light by beanhead4529

Something Seems Different by beanhead4529

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