The Natural Phenomenon of Fire Rainbows

We’ve all seen rainbows before, but have you ever heard of a phenomena called a fire rainbow? The proper term for it is circumhorizontal arc and it’s actually an optical phenomena – a ice-halo formed by plate-shaped ice crystals in high level cirrus clouds.

‘What is happening here is that on sunny afternoons, cumulus clouds boil upwards, pushing layers of moist air above them even higher where they cool and condense to form cloud caps or ‘pileus’ (Latin for cap),” explains Atmospheric Optics Expert Dr Les Cowley. “When pileus clouds form very quickly, their water droplets tend to be all the same size, the perfect condition for iridescent colors.’

deviantART photographer daslasher1 was in the perfect spot at the perfect time to capture fire rainbows high up in the sky. How often this beautiful “smeared rainbow” is seen depends both on the location and the latitude of the observer. In the United States, it is a relatively common occurrence seen several times each summer. In contrast, it is rare sight in northern Europe.

daslasher1 on deviantART

December 2, 2016

3-Year-Old Boy Forms Adorable Friendship With Foster Family’s Dog

If you ever need proof that dog is man’s best friend, look no further than Instagram. The social media site has no shortage of picture-perfect pups, as many doting dog owners share snapshots of life with their four-legged friends. While some go on adventures together and others dress alike, Reagan the labradoodle and “Little Buddy”—his family’s foster child—do both. Reagan was adopted by Oregon resident Sandi Swiridoff when he was just 11 months old.

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December 1, 2016

Quirky Matchbox Greeting Cards Open to Reveal Cute Illustrated Messages

The handmade products crafted by Shop3xu combine meaningful messages with delightful pictures. What makes the Vietnam-based Etsy shop’s well-wishes especially unique is how they’re inscribed—not on typical cardstock or glossy paper, but on upcycled matchboxes. Combining the company’s love of greeting cards, gift boxes, and miniatures, each matchbox card features felicitations accompanied by two tiny, hand-drawn illustrations: one on its cover, and one nestled inside.

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