Artist Adds Pop Culture Characters to Breathe New Life into Old Thrift Store Paintings

While many of us would pass by the average thrift store painting, artist Dave Pollot sees their untapped potential. For years, we've admired his humorous repurposing of the discarded art that he finds while browsing these shops. He's continued this endeavor and has produced new custom works that feature the addition of pop culture characters, past and present. Beloved individuals from movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Ghostbusters, and Star Wars make an appearance in idyllic country landscapes and painted family portraits.

Pollot morphs his artistic style to fit the look and feel of the original painting. By doing this, he makes the characters appear totally natural, as if they were there all along. 

The artist has his witty paintings and prints for sale in his popular Etsy shop.

Dave Pollot: Website | Etsy | Instagram | Facebook
via [Laughing Squid]

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