Designer Paul Smith Has the Ultimate Creative Workspace

You may already be aware that designer Paul Smith has the ultimate creative workspace, but we’re going to bet that you’ve never seen it quite like this. To make this one-of-a-kind portrait, Nottingham, UK-photographer David Baird shot and then meticulously stitched together, over a course of 20 hours, 180 high resolution still images of Smith’s office. At GigaPan, you can actually zoom into the incredibly detailed photo see all of Smith’s cool collections including his art, books, hats and toys.

Back in 2009, Smith said this about his studio, "My whole life is about being childlike…which means that you have a lateral mind and you're very curious…That's why this room is just full of toys, beautiful books, strange objects, good fun things [from which] you can get great inspiration. Life is about living young, being youthful and enjoying yourself everyday.”

So, just how did the idea for a photo like this come about? Baird tells us that he was inspired by fellow photographers. “I approached the team at Paul Smith with the idea of creating a high resolution photograph of his office using a technique I had previously seen to capture giant panoramic photos of crowds scenes, such as this one of President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address by David Bergman. I had never seen one taken inside and remembered seeing photographs of Paul’s office, and the sheer amount of amazing things he had collected over the years, and thought it would lend itself to the technique.”

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January 18, 2017

Animal-Friendly Vegan Tattoos Celebrate Nature with Delicately Inked Illustrations

Body art professionals, like Anna Sica, are turning to animal-free inks to create beautiful vegan tattoos. If you’re vegan, you know that when it comes to animal-friendliness, not all commodities are created equally. While assuring the absence of animal products in things like food, cosmetics, and clothing is standard practice for seasoned vegans, many are unaware that body art requires research, too. To make pigments pop, many tattoo inks include bone char, gelatin, and shellac, each of which is derived from various animals.

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January 17, 2017

Zebra Shark Living in Isolation for 4 Years Gives Birth Without a Male Partner

It started like a typical love story. Two zebra sharks, living happily together for 12 years and producing 24 pups. Then, circumstance ripped them apart, leaving the female in her own, isolated tank. But here’s where the story takes a twist. After living alone since 2012, Leonie the female zebra shark give birth to three pups in early 2016. Just how was this possible?

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