Sculptor Artistically Carves New Life into Discarded Shovel Heads

Artist Denice Bizot sees the potential hidden inside salvage yards that are filled to the brim with heaps of scrap metal often labeled as “debris.” For the past 15 years, she’s sought out these neglected objects, invited them into her workspace, and has transformed them into intricate sculptures. Bizot essentially participates in artistic recycling. “For me, the idea of reclaiming, deconstructing and transforming ‘so-called junk’ into works of sculpture is fascinating,” the creator explains, after mentioning that she frequently seeks out her pieces in New Orleans, a city undergoing gentrification. 

For the most part, Bizot focuses on discarded shovel heads, carving detailed designs and silhouettes into the rusted metal. Since the exterior is usually damaged or covered in mold, the artist must also rework this part of her canvas to enhance the metal’s color and texture. Occasionally, Bizot will focus her attention on larger pieces, such as an old Volkswagen car hood or a giant slab of metal. Yet, no matter the amount of work that’s before her, the artist always manages to breathe new life into objects that are typically overlooked. 

Bizot’s other works feature an equally impressive amount of detail.

The artist even creates bowls that produce elaborate shadows.

Denice Bizot: Website | Facebook

January 23, 2017

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