Stylish Sushi Uses Laser-Cut Technology to Wrap Rolls in Patterned Seaweed

laser-cut seaweed for sushi

Enchanting things can happen when cutting-edge technology is combined with food. International ad agency I & S BBDO collaborated with the Umino Seaweed shop to create Design Nori, a collection of intricate, laser-cut seaweed intended for rolling sushi. Crafted in five designs, each of the dried nori sheets features a different motif from Japanese history or symbology. They are: sakura (cherry blossoms); mizutama (water drops); asanoha (hemp); kikkou (turtle shell); and kumikkou (tortoise shell).

Dried seaweed can crumble easily—which could’ve been a problem with the laser-cut technique, as the surface needs to be sturdy. So to achieve this level of detail, Umino used a thicker variety of seaweed from the Sanriku region of Miyagi, Japan. The result offers an unconventional flair to an already delectable-looking dish.

Design Nori was originally produced as a limited-edition product to encourage the sale of nori after the 2011 tsunami in Japan. But if you’d like this type of decorative seaweed for your next roll, you’re in luck. Make: created a DIY for stylish sushi at home. You just need Adobe Illustrator and access to a laser cutter.

The laser-cut seaweed is so unique that they’re almost too beautiful to eat… almost.

laser-cut seaweed for sushi laser-cut seaweed for sushi laser-cut seaweed for sushi laser-cut seaweed for sushi

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January 23, 2017

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