Dexter House by Marie Aiello Design Studio

“Daring” is one of the core values of Marie Aiello's interior design studio. What better way to express that than by using Dexter as inspiration. You might think “Oh another Dex house” No…just no. You see, this has been done with extreme good taste and subtlety. Interesting details designed to be overlooked when it's staring you right in face.For those of you who don't know. Dexter is a TV show about a man who works for Miami Metro Police. He does forensics by day, specializing in blood spatters. By night (when he can) he is a serial killer. He aims to only murder the bad guys of course. He's a Robin Hood meets Serial Killer type of guy. Dexter has a lot of contrasting thoughts running through his mind and goes to great ends to conceal his dark side. That contrast is exactly what interests Marie and it's reflected throughout the interior of this house.It doesn't come as a surprise that as an artist she would be inspired by a TV show. Marie has had an education in art history and had a succesful career in television productions before venturing into interior design.In the first video she tells us about her idea and about what's hidden in the interior.The second video shows the process from the “before” to the “after”.Visit Marie Aiello's site to find out more about her designs.

If you want to watch Dexter switch your TV on or watch it online.

Published by Random House, Darkly Dreaming Dexter written by Jeff Lindsay is the book it was based on click here if you want to buy it.

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