Spain’s "Exploding" House Inspired by the Big Bang

Casa Faustino is a unique home designed by Portuguese architect Didier Faustino that is meant to reference the energetic image of an explosion, specifically the Big Bang. Located in Spain, the unique residence offers multiple viewpoints. Large windows face out in all directions, allowing anyone indoors to get a scenic view of the natural surroundings.

By separating the space into a variety of different rectilinear volumes, the designers were able to vastly change the interior so that occupants and visitors all experience the area in new ways. By creating uneven spatial references, a perceived weightlessness is brought upon those inside. On the bottom level sits a swimming pool that extends out past the walls of the structure, further highlighting the home’s dynamic shape. Each of the other radiating rectangles end in a large window, framing the surrounding landscape and creating different visuals from every angle.

Created as part of the Solo Houses project, an initiative for twelve architects to each build a different home with no constrictions other than budget, Casa Faustino is set to become the second house constructed in the series.

Didier Faustino’s website
via [Dezeen]

December 6, 2016

Japanese Man Masters the Gravity-Defying Art of Stacking Coins

Japanese Twitter user @thumb_tani (aka Tanu) has mastered the art of balance. He uses his keen sense of equilibrium to create small, fascinating sculptures from carefully-positioned coins. Although many of us have probably attempted this same sort of coin stacking, Tanu takes these arrangements to a whole new—and totally epic—level. Using a variety of denominations, Tanu creates intricate structures that range in shape and size. Often, he’ll first build a strong base using staggered coins.

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December 5, 2016

Colorful Resin Bangles Let You Wear Classic Art on Your Wrist

Bulgaria-based jewelry shop PAGANE Uniques crafts colorful and bright bangles inspired by well-known works of art. Showcasing the vivid color palettes and striking modernity of 19th and 20th century masterworks—including Gustav Klimt’s glittering The Kiss, Vincent van Gogh’s beaming Sunflowers, and Henri Matisse’s avant-garde Cut-Outs—every bright and bold bangle adds an artistic touch to any look. Each beautiful bracelet is crafted by hand.

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