Creative Disney World Custodian Draws Characters on Sidewalks with Water

From the guests to the staff, everyone always finds fun and magic at Disney World. In particular, this Reddit user, TheVantasy, was a clever Disney World custodian who entertained herself and the guests by using a broom as her paint brush and water as her medium to draw well-known characters along the sidewalks.

The water art is a playful and temporary treat that many of the staff partake in as a way to bring even more joy and happiness to children and adults alike. TheVantasy says, “Sometimes for fun, we would go up against each other in ‘drawing battles’ and let the audience decide who wins.” She featured characters ranging from Mickey and Donald Duck to Goofy and, her favorite, Simba.

She eventually learned to draw the cute little guys upside down so that she didn’t block the drawings and the guests could watch as the faces emerged on the sidewalk. By the time TheVantasy left Disney, she says she could draw about 15-20 recognizable characters.

Watch the video below to see how captivated the audience becomes by her speedy transformation of sidewalk into creative canvas.

via [Reddit]

January 18, 2017

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