Single Sheets of Paper Form Delicate Silhouettes

Ukraine-based artists Dmytro and Iuliia have a talent for turning paper into delicate, magical, dark silhouetted scenes. To make their work, the paper-cutting artists snip away at sheets of black paper to create all kinds of designs, ranging from an eagle flying across the sky, to Sherlock Holmes, to a young couple in love. The team says, “To us these silhouettes are not just sheets of paper, but something we have put our love, care and happiness into.”

The artists have an Etsy shop named DreamPaperCut, where you can check out many of their hand-cut products. From the individual feathers on a bird’s wings to the folds in the sails of a ship, Dmytro and Iuliia certainly don’t skimp on the details. By focusing on the positive and negative space, the artists are able to form each final design without breaking a single, continuous piece of paper. Plus, not only are their designs incredibly amazing, but the presentation of each design is photographed from a perspective that gives the illusion of such things as a paper eagle soaring across the blue skies or a young couple perched high atop the buildings of a city skyline.

It’s amazing what artists can do with a single sheet of paper and a sharp blade. If you enjoy this paper art, you might also like these hand-cut designs by Boston-based artist Joe Bagley.

Dmytro and Iuliia on Etsy
via [My Eclectic Depiction of Life]

January 19, 2017

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