Dorm Food (Izakaya Honda Ya in J-Town)

Crowded. Cheap. Whatever. I didn't think the food was particulary tasty, but the sake bombs were. I took a lot of photos but the next day, saw that most were blurry and I think it might be because I was pretty close to having alcohol poisoning by the time I left.

I don't know why I drank so much, but it might be because I was with annoying people from USC. And the only way they're tolerable is if I'm drunk. Plus, I wanted to show them how tough I am because, for whatever reason, they weren't convinced enough when I told them about the fight I got into at the 1985 Orange County Spelling Bee Semi-Finals.

It also didn't help when I showed them my chest tattoo that reads “Ivy League”. I'm so s-a-d.

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