Dramatic Fashion Photography by Alexi Lubomirski

Whether he’s breathing passion and life into the flamenco or making us fall further in love with our favorite celebs, Alexi Lubomirski has a way with the camera. Having studied under famous fashion photographer Mario Testino, Alexi not only has that unmistakable eye for beauty but also that rare ability to create stunning stories that leave an indelible mark on our memory.

There’s no doubt that you’ve already seen his dramatic editorials in fashion magazines like Bazaar and Vogue. He’s photographed everyone from A-list actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow to top models like Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr.

We were lucky enough to get a hold of Alexi to ask him a few questions. Read that short Q&A below after seeing a great collection of his most amazing work.

Q: In your opinion, how has fashion photography changed with the rise of the internet?
A: The internet has affected photography in an interesting way. People are looking for ways to showcase moving image AND stills, so the challenge is to find a way that marries the two in a way that makes sense.

Q: How did working with Mario Testino helped shape your vision and career?
A: Working with Testino was invaluable. It allowed me to watch a great artist at work. Rather than learn technical knowledge, it was more to see how he got the best out of his subjects and how he interacted with them on set.

Q: What are some tips you could give to aspiring fashion photographers?
A: I would suggest researching as much as possible. Feed your visual bank by seeing art, movies, books. Anything that inspires you. There are many many people who are trying to be fashion photographers, and you need anything you can get to improve your work and aesthetic to make it different and more appealing than the next person. Also, when you start off, don’t be safe. Do tests of the weird ideas you have and get them out of your system. They may lead to better ideas and a style of your own. Everybody can do plain studio, so try and set yourself apart. Finally, talk to as many people in the industry as you can and ask questions. I knocked on about 100 doors before I got the chance to meet Testino.

Great advice and beautiful photos. Thanks, Alexi!

Alexi Lubomirski


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