Dumped! by Meg Watcher (9 pics)


Would you ever dump something as gross as goop onto your head, and later take a snapshot of your reaction to it? After taking a look at Meg Watcher's collection, I'm having second thoughts, cause these look super fun, and cringeworthy; especially with your friends who wouldn't mind getting their hands(or should I say heads) dirty!

"[It] was purely for fun and self-promotion of my work, I was interested in capturing the reactions, as well as creating unusual but striking images,” says Watcher. Her images are striking indeed!

Froot Loops

Tomato Paste

Tar and feathers



Cottage Cheese


And finally, here's the self portrait of the artist herself, dumped with oatmeal.

Everyone picked their own goop, and all the reactions you see here are pure. I say bravo and dump me with something tasty! You can purchase her book on blurb.com and check out her website and tumblr for more details.

More images can be found here ->[via divinecaroline]

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