Dynamic New White House Website is Unveiled!!

I'm diggin' the new WhiteHouse.Gov website. Almost at the instant Obama was sworn in, the website relaunched with a redesign to signal a new era in government. The new design includes more interactive features, a prominent photo gallery displayed across the top of the site, the ability to get e-mail updates, and a White House blog. The site's “briefing room” also includes places for a weekly video address, slide shows, proclamations, and executive orders as well as news about nominations and appointments. “It's a great first step, and the tip of the iceberg in what's coming with participatory politics and the relationship between the president and the public,” said Andrew Rasiej, founder of the Personal Democracy Forum and co-founder of techPresident.com. “President Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history,” states the site's Contact Us page. In introducing the new site, White House Director of New Media Macon Phillips wrote in the blog's initial entry that Obama's online efforts will center on communication, transparency and participation.

WhiteHouse.Gov website

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