Non-Denominational Chapel Stands in Harmony with Nature

Developed by architect E. Fay Jones, The Thorncrown Chapel stands among the trees in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and serves as a non-denominational chapel for anyone interested in getting married within the nature-inspired space. Since 1980, the majestic design has provided visitors with a unique, award-winning space for celebration.

As a result of his work as an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright, Jones had an equally strong eye for designing structures that stand in harmony with the environment. The Thorncrown Chapel is a 48-feet tall wooden construction with over 6,000 square feet of glass and 425 windows that allow sunlight to shine through the windows from every angle. The architecturally intriguing space has been visited by more than six million people and is described as a “woodland sanctuary,” providing a peaceful place to rest and enjoy a few quiet moments of self-reflection.

Thorncrown Chapel website
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December 2, 2016

Photographer Searches for Mystery Wedding Couple After Discovering Film in 50-Year-Old Camera

You never know what you’ll find when you buy something that’s vintage. When photographer Alex Galmeanu bought a rare 50-year-old camera off eBay, he never expected to find an exposed (but undeveloped) roll of film inside. “Of course I had it developed right away,” he wrote, “and, as a surprise again, I was able to recover 10 quite usable images, especially when considering their age.

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December 1, 2016

World Map Reveals the Unique Tourism Slogan of Every Country

Many of us have perpetual wanderlust and are always imagining our next great trip. If you’re searching for a new locale to experience, UK-based travel site FamilyBreakFinder has a map that can help. They’ve produced a world chart that has every country’s (available) tourism slogan on it. The hope is that the alluring phrases will pique your interest in a place you might’ve never considered otherwise.

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