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The Wonderful World of Country Cardboardia

I'd like to tell you about an unusual journey through two different towns of one big country, one of which was in Kosice (Slovakia) and the second in Perm.

Country Cardboardia materialize in unexpected places all over the world – in a few days the whole city grows. Square, theaters, monuments, libraries, winding streets, exotic animals, the national game, that is all what you can find, after crossing the border and getting visa.

So, what you can you do here?
For example to get married by the local rules and customs. Wedding Palace – a very popular place, it was near the cemetery, by the way.

View (or build your own) local attractions.

Take part in the Fighting of Rhinos.

To listen to the national music. Or perform national anthem.

Go shopping and put on the craft clothes. Grow a mustache and beard.

Visit the Jewish quarter. There you can find almost everything: to draw a portrait, to buy a place in the cemetery, a sword or any other weapon.

Open your store, restaurant or organize a fashion show.

To get to this country is not difficult only if you know where it will materialize next time. It may be close to you. So just come and take part in the life of Cardboard City! Open your oven business, organize events, work, or sit back.

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