Edible Icelandic Vistas (12 pieces + interview)

Using poppy seeds, cocoa powder, coffee, milk, and chocolate cake crumbs, Eszter Burghardt recreates the remote and isolated geography of Iceland. Vast and epic vistas are scaled down and captured by a macro lens giving the illusion that the photographs were actually taken in Iceland itself. You can read more about these incredible, Edible Vistas in our interview with Eszter, below.

Can you please give us a brief description about yourself?
I am a Hungarian/Canadian artist based in Vancouver, BC. After completing my BFA in 2001 I began my career as a professional artist.

Your dioramas are incredibly detailed. How long does it take you to complete each one?
First, I must observe the landscape and all of its characteristics first-hand before I can begin to describe my experience. I photograph miniature dioramas based on this encounter, from memory, using a macro lens in my studio. I play with the depth of field, focal point, and light to achieve the illusion that I am actually standing on site. This process takes anywhere from a few hours to several years.

What’s the most challenging part of creation?
Visually translating the dialogue I have with the surrounding environment.

What is your take on global warming? Do you believe it’s having an impact in Iceland?
I seek to be widely educated about the health of our environment by staying informed on issues such as global warming. Europe’s largest melting ice cap, the Vatnajkull, has left the famous/infamous Jkulsrln in its path. This growing glacial lagoon is a direct result of global warming, so this proves the fact that Iceland is also the victim of global warming.

What piece of advice would you give to other aspiring artists?
Travel to see your world.

Eszter Burghardt’s website

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