Egyptian Protesters Celebrate Victory!

In the 17 days leading up to President Mubarak's resignation, we learned a lot about the Egyptian people. Mostly, we discovered that they are a highly dignified and intellectual group of individuals who wouldn't take no for an answer. Remarkably organized and unwaveringly unified, they mounted one of the most successful revolutions this generation has ever seen.

The whole world celebrated when President Mubarak stepped down after three decades of authoritarian rule. But, it is the Egyptian people who deserve all the praise. After all, they are the ones who slept on the streets of Cairo's Tahrir Square, got rammed by speeding vehicles, and were nailed in the head by flying rocks.

In this post, we celebrate the Egyptians who sacrificed their lives for freedom. Because of them, the entire country will one day live under a new government that is founded by its people.

via [The Big Picture], [The Frame]

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