Beautifully Composed Portraits of Bones


As sculptural as they may appear, these are actually images of real bones. Japan-based photographer Eiji Yuzawa captured these remarkable images of animal and fish bones in a beautifully artistic way that is revered by both the art and science communities. The simple, minimalist aesthetic provides an excellent view for observation of these organic frames, from a biological standpoint.

Propped against a black backdrop, the skeletal remains are spotlighted, revealing every intricacy. Being able to see minute details within the texture of each bones' surface is really astounding. Even more baffling is the fact that these photos don't induce a nauseating feeling for someone as squeamish as me. It is the mark of a true master of photography with an artistic vision to accomplish such a feat.

eiji-yuzawa-bones-2 eiji-yuzawa-bones-3 eiji-yuzawa-bones-4 eiji-yuzawa-bones-5 eiji-yuzawa-bones-6 eiji-yuzawa-bones-7 eiji-yuzawa-bones-8 eiji-yuzawa-bones-9

Eiji Yuzawa website
via [Spoon & Tamago]

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