Election Day LA: How one hungry brother and one caffeinated sister end up making phone calls to Indiana!

Eugene and I set off this afternoon in search of free election day food and drinks. After dutifully voting by absentee last week, I felt like celebrating with coffee, donuts and Chick-fil-A! Too bad after standing in an hour and a half line to vote, Eugene didn't share in my excitement. My one cardinal rule (feed a man when is hungry and let a man sleep when he is tired) was thrown out the window because gosh dang it it's election day! My intent was only to go Starbucks, Krispy Kreme and Chick-fil-A so how we ended up making calls at Century Plaza Hotel is a little beyond me. I blame my caffeinated alter ego! Let's do it in pictures!

Proudly wearing his sticker, Eugene was still in a chipper mood when we hit up Starbucks. Or else he puts on a nice fake smile!

That's genuine excitement in my face! No sticker for me….good thing you don't need it to collect your free coffee!

After we shouted “election coffee” we were handed our delicious cups of coffee. Wonder if Starbucks planned this last minute because it would have been nice to have election cups. (Next time, Schultz.)

Proud Starbucks baristas wanted their pictures taken too.

Doped up on coffee, my heat starts racing, I start checking out how theMET is doing in the car…red light? Oh yeah..I see that.

Bro is starting to get a little mad. That's genuine fear in his face people.

When the boy gets mad it doesn't let up easily. Here we are picking up our free donuts at Krispy Kreme. No line at the one in Santa Monica around noon. I read on a website you needed the sticker so bro and I did a quick switcharoo.

Nice! Got my free Krispy Kreme coffee. Next was suppose to be Chick-Fil-A but my buzz was getting to me…I had a brilliant thought! Let's go check out how it's going at Obama party headquarters – The Century Plaza Hotel!

Parking signs around the hotel – they're getting ready for the par-tay tonight!

Gotta take a touristy picture in front of the sign..

We get inside and start to immediately notice all the Obama signs directing us downstairs to the calling center.

Scoping out the room of volunteers – there were easily a few hundred all jam packed in..in fact there was even overflow…

We plop ourselves down to take a breather when all of a sudden, orientation begins and we're told we're making phone calls to Indiana! After about 12 calls (4 for McCain, 8 for Obama) Eugene scopes out the free Little Casaers pizza in the corner. You go Obama for feeding your volunteers! Now, all I need is some bumpin music and we got ourselves a pre-party!

Eugene standing in line for the pizza.

Finally, the boy gets his food. Joy! You can feel the tension and excitement in the air all around LA. I don't know if it's just me..but it almost feels like everyone's holding their breath. You hear a word like “historical” and you can feel the weight of it. Tonight Century Plaza Hotel is throwing a raging party where 10,000+ people are expected to attend. Eugene and I are going to brave the crowds tonight so that we can bring you pictures tomorrow. Till then, my friends, Obama 08.

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