Awestruck Silhouettes Gazing at Spectacular Night Skies

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and been mesmerized by its beauty? That awe-inspiring moment when everything goes quiet and it's only you and the speckled night sky gazing back at each other produces an indescribable feeling. A sort of freeing effect where time stands still and you're immersed in the nighttime's allure. Somehow, Vancouver-based photographer Elizabeth Gadd manages to capture the essence of this transcendent experience in her series known as Breathe.

The collection of images feature several silhouettes against spectacular backdrops. Each shot interprets the ethereal experience of getting lost in the world's beauty that seems almost too perfect to put into words. There's the recurring visual pattern of scattered dots of light–whether they appear in the form of distant stars, a flurry of snow, or the unfocused beads of light from an urban skyline–that is both calming and enchanting. Gadd describes the series simply as “Silence. Awe. Beauty. Peace of mind.”

Elizabeth Gadd website
Elizabeth Gadd on Flickr
via [My Darkened Eyes]

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