Whimsical 3D Papercraft Scenes

At the intersection of papercraft art and photography, you’ll find Elly MacKay (aka Theater Clouds) and her wonderfully whimsical dioramas. The Ontario, Canada-based artist constructs miniature scenes of children flying planes, rowing a boat and even riding a tame tiger all inside a one-by-two-foot box. Her works begin by using a combination of papers to line the box including parchment paper, dollhouse wallpaper, Yupo paper (a synthetic plastic paper) and Mylar. The images are made using Yupo paper which she colors with ink and then cuts out. They’re carefully set in place using wire and adhesives.

Next comes the fun part. MacKay puts her “photographer hat” on and begins to play with the lights and filters until she creates her desired atmosphere. She usually takes about 50 pictures, picking out her favorites. To see just how popular MacKay’s works have become, you just have to check out herEtsy page and notice how many pieces she’s sold.

MacKay recently began illustrating a children’s book called If You Hold A Seed that will be coming out in February 2013. It is available to pre-order right now through Amazon.

Love the fact that, at first glance, these appear like pure drawings or paintings but are actually 3D hand-crafted papercraft scenes.

Elly MacKay’s website


December 6, 2016

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December 6, 2016

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