Imaginative Scenes Emerge from Monochromatic Illustrations

Italian artist EmilianoP is the skilled hand behind these beautifully dark and mysterious illustrations. Currently based in New Zealand, the artist creates figures that seem to emerge from quick ink strokes across a page, but the concepts are actually quite purposeful. He begins each piece by vividly imagining the scene in his mind. He then puts pencil to paper, layering graphite and ink together to reach the final creation.

It’s incredible how many variations of detailed grays and rich textures the artist can achieve with just a few basic tools. The monochromatic stories that emerge from the complex line illustrations take viewers on all kinds of imaginative adventures.

When asked to describe his art, EmilianoP said, “I'd say it's a bit hard to consider my work as art, it lacks some fundamental trait that I associate with art itself. Art is about total freedom of expression while I just figuratively represent situations I happen to think about. I draw tangible objects, people, animals, I couldn't choose to represent their concepts in other forms, so I'm not free. What I do is more similar to craftsmanship.”

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January 18, 2017

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