People Humorously Blend Themselves in with Book Covers

The photo series Corpus Libris (which literally means “Body Books” in Latin) was created by Emily Pullen on one slow Thursday night at the Los Angeles independent bookstore Skylight Books, where Pullen worked. In this series, similar to Sleeveface, people cover parts of their body with books in order to create blend themselves in with the covers and create optical illusions. Since the project’s creation, it has grown more and more popular, inspiring others to take their own Corpus Libris photos and send them to Pullen at her website, where she may post them.

Not only does Corpus Libris show the diversity of book covers, but it’s also a great way to extend the entertainment of a book beyond just the words on the pages. It takes some imagination and careful positioning to get the book covers to line up perfectly with body parts and faces, but the results can be fantastic. Wearing similar clothes or using props can help make a seamless visual. One man even holds up a book that blends in perfectly with the books on a shelf behind him. The project is a fun way for book lovers everywhere to unleash their creativity.

Corpus Libris Website
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January 23, 2017

Makeup Artist Raises Mental Health Awareness With New #InsideOutChallenge

Canadian beauty blogger Yasaman Gheidi is using her makeup skills to spread mental health awareness with her new #InsideOutChallenge. While makeup can be fun and glamorous, Gheidi shows us a different side by using products to transform her face into a mirror for what’s within. The project came about after the 27-year-old self-taught beauty blogger left her staff Christmas party early due to an anxiety attack.

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