The Stunning Symmetry of Underground Metros Around the World

From Prague to Paris to Tokyo to London, Enig Hui has traveled all over the world and captured stunning photos of the underground metro system. While the Malaysia native also documents urban scenes and beautiful landscapes, his images of subways and trains across the globe are particularly striking, evoking a strong sense of drama in their extreme symmetry and contrast.

Whether the train platforms are eerily empty or bustling with commuters, Hui’s incredible photos capture the essence of living in the modern concrete jungle, with a classic film aesthetic that complements the gritty energy of urban life. With a keen eye for patterns, balance, and careful framing, the photographer manages to transform the metro–a staple of sprawling metropolises–into stark works of art that embody the city’s vitality.

Enig Hui on Flickr
Enig Hui on Tumblr

December 8, 2016

Interview: Powerful Portraits of Indigenous Tribes From Around the World

Italian photographer Mattia Passarini has been living in Asia since 2006, where he is able to document some of the little-known cultures that populate the area. His passion for photographing the habits, rituals, and traditions of disappearing cultures netted him a 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Award. His stunning images capture the spirit of these rapidly diminishing cultures, and he’s pushed himself to travel to areas that few dare discover.

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December 7, 2016

Dazzling Photos Explore a Rapidly Changing Hong Kong at Night

Photographer Andy Yeung is known for his jaw-dropping aerial photos of Hong Kong, but his new series Remembering Hong Kong explores unexpected aspects of the city. By taking in older sections of Hong Kong, Yeung preserves their memory against the rapidly changing urban jungle. Yeung began his photography career in 2005, and aims to give a fresh perspective on his native Hong Kong. In this instance, he was inspired by the 1995 Japanese film Ghost in the Shell.

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