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Whimsical New Street Art Sprouts Up in Belgium

Ernest Zacharevic has been on a tear lately, putting up some wonderfully whimsical pieces in Belgium. If you'll take a step back with us, Zacharevic is the Lithuanian artist who recently made waves when he made an interactive piece of joyful children riding a real bike in Malaysia. It became an instant hit as its visitors began taking their own creative pictures all around it.

Zacharevic is showing us that he's kept that child-like spirit alive with these new pieces in Belgium. For the locals, he's even put up a piece dedicated to TinTin, the main character in a popular comic book strip series created by Belgian artist Georges Remi (above). In another (immediately below), he chalked up a Penang dragon, no doubt giving a sweet (and subtle) hat tip back to Malaysia. (Love how he still incorporates actual objects into some of his pieces.)

Ernest Zacharevic's Facebook page

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