Event: Jeff Koons ‘Popeye’ Exhibition Starts Today

Starting today, go see Jeff Koons's first major exhibition in a public gallery at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park, England. Jeff Koons presents works from his Popeye series, which he began in 2002. The works incorporate some of Koons's signature ideas and motifs, including surreal combinations of everyday objects, cartoon imagery, art-historical references and children's toys. If you follow Koons, you'll know that he likes to explore notions of consumerism, taste, banality, childhood and sexuality. He is known for his meticulously fabricated works that draw on a variety of objects and images from American and consumer culture. A pop artist with an interesting point of view, Koons is often called the “king of kitsch”. Check out this video for more on the exhibition.

Interesting fact: Koons is a former Wall Street banker from Pennsylvania who made a name for himself in the early 1980s when he featured basketballs in salt water and vacuum cleaners in glass cabinets. Since then, he has shown in galleries around the world. Asked about his fascination with inflatables he says, “In our own life we're inflatables. We take a breath as a symbol of optimism, we exhale and it's a symbol of death. We're in a permanent state of being optimistic.” Koons said he wanted his art to make the viewer feel good about life. “Art's this vehicle that connects you with human history and that's what these works are about. I want the viewer to come into contact with the work and to feel that everything about their life to that moment is perfect, absolutely perfect.” The show runs till September 13 at the Serpentine Gallery. Source: Reuters

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