Everyday Superheroes – Dulce Pinzn (12 pics)

Spiderman is a professional window cleaner.

In order to shed light on the importance of Mexican and Latino immigrant labor on our society, Dulce Pinzn created a series of satirical documentary-style photographs that feature ordinary men and women in their work environments in New York. These are actual immigrants who have put on superhero costumes. The objective? To raise “questions about our definition of heroism after 9/11, and our ignorance of the workforce that fuels our ever-consuming economy. Immigrants have always been the new blood that injects vitality into a city, but the process of accepting these newcomers into everyday life takes time.” Pinzn believes that “introducing them in a creative and positive way” she can raise respect and awareness of the “contributions of immigrant labor to the daily lives of us all.” As she states, “Most of us often go through our day-to-day lives in ignorance or denial of the sacrifices that are made by others to enrich and ensure our way of living. This is a tribute to those brave and determined men and women who somehow manage, without the help of any supernatural powers, to withstand extreme conditions of labor in order to help their families and communities survive and prosper.” What I enjoy most about this series is that at first glance, it’s just another set of the everyday life of superheroes. But then look between the lines and see that Pinzn is really trying to raise our awareness about modern-day superheroes. As we all know, the immigrant worker often works extraordinary hours for very low wages. Saving and sending money to their families in Mexico, these immigrant workers don’t get the recognition they deserve. By wearing these costumes, not only is the spotlight directed on them, they make us think twice about what a superhero really is.

Superman is a delivery boy.

Mr. Fantastic works as a waiter.

Thing works in demolition.

Torch works as a cook in a diner.

Flash is a cook and runs with Los Compadres team.

Green Lantern works as a superintendent.

Batman works as a taxi driver.

Robin works the streets as a male gigolo in Times Square.

The Hulk works in a greengrocer loading trucks.

Wonder Woman works in a Laundromat in Brooklyn New York.

Catwoman is a nanny in New York. Dulce Pinzn

December 3, 2016

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December 2, 2016

Sexy French Farmers Pose for Shirtless 2017 Calendar

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