Fat People Are Useful, Pt. 2 (Carnevino, Las Vegas, NV)

I've said it here and I'll say it again–I've never had a bad meal at any Batali joint, be it New York, Los Angeles and now, Vegas.

Carnevino is purely about meat–sure, you can can sides and appetizers, but beef and more beef are what this place excels at. If you have to get a side, opt for the mashed potatoes that–as only morbidly obese chefs can do so well–house an egg yolk for you mix through as well as strips of bacon.

With a bottle of moderately priced wine, dinner should be about $150 – 200 per person with tip.

Or it could be $350 per person if you include the 8 glasses of scotch to help you cope with how you lost the next 4 months of rent as well as pawning your watch that you received for graduation and maybe even the gift you got your old man for Father's Day. Not that I know anything about any of that.

More pics after the jump.

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