Feed it Forward! Give a $10 Food Gift Certificate Away For Free…From Restaurants.com

Great deal out of Restaurants.com – they are currently putting on a promotion called ‘Feed it Forward.‘ You get to choose three people to send $10 gift certificates to every day from now until the end of the month or when restaurant.com has $30 million in allocated certificates. What's the catch? The restaurant may set their own terms of redemption related to the number of certificates issued for their establishment, the minimum total purchase amount required to receive the discount, and the hours of discount availability. Basically, they'll set some rules on how you can redeem it. Regardless, it's a win-win for restaurants and consumers who are all feeling the pinch this holiday season. So pass along some free gift certificates! With over 5,000 participating restaurants, your friends are sure to find something in their area. Source: Nation's Restaurant News

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