Fold-out Greeting Cards Are Surprisingly Sweet on the Inside

At first glance, these greeting cards by FINCHandHARE seem unnecessarily rude. Who wants to be told that they're too old, or that you might pee on them? Probably not many people. But, when you open their cards up, you see that it's the opposite of mean. The sentiments are sweet, funny, and all-around charming.

FINCHandHARE's Etsy shop specializes in these dual-meaning goods, which appear callous on the front but cheerful on the inside. They are cleverly designed as multi-folding cards that feature the outside greeting on the first and last panels with the true message contained in the middle. It's a witty way to tell someone how you really feel and get a good laugh out of them, too. With the bold, colorful use of typography, they're cards that you'll want to use, too.

If you enjoy giving (or receiving) hilariously awkward cards, be sure to also check out the handiwork of illustrator Emily McDowell.

FINCHandHARE Etsy shop
via [Bored Panda]

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