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Can You Spot the Cat Hidden in This Photo of Stacked Logs?

Look at this picture closely—there’s a cat hidden in plain sight. Like the iPhone that blends into the carpet and the cigar strategically wedged among bricks, this optical illusion will have you on a similar hunt. The challenge was posted by Redditor jmanskruse who captured his yellow cat named Lloyd snoozing on a pile of firewood. Lloyd’s fluffiness unexpectedly blends in with the stacked logs, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t immediately see him.

After a few minutes of squinting and searching, you might start to think that Lloyd doesn’t exist—what kind of cat takes a nap on splintery wood, anyways? But we assure you, he’s there, and we’ve narrowed your focus if you want a place to start.

Take another good look:

Here's your last chance to find Lloyd before his reveal. We've cropped the photo to make it a little easier:

Here he is! Lloyd’s coloring makes him look too similar to the surrounding logs—that’s why it’s so difficult to spot the furry fellow.

Now that you found Lloyd, can you ever un-see him? 

via [Sploid, Reddit]

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