Flipboard iPad App: Your Social Magazine

If you enjoy flipping through magazines and you find your Facebook and Twitter friends interesting, this iPad app is for you. Flipboard takes popular news sources you choose as well as your Facebook and Twitter feeds and uses the information to create an interactive magazine or “your personal magazine–that includes not just status updates, but links, photos, videos, and whatever else your friends have shared. So it's not a static list of tweets, but rather an amalgam of links shared, updates, and photos in a magazine-style layout.” Here's what Mashable says, “I am thoroughly impressed from our first run with Flipboard. It is simply gorgeous and a pleasure to browse. I could (have) the app open for hours just watching my feeds pass by. If I wanted to scan the key news from my social networks, this is the way I would want to do it.” Great thing is, the app just launched and it's free right now. Time to try it out.

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