Full-Sized F1 Race Car Simulator for Your Living Room

Owning a high-end racing simulator, where you can zoom around a virtual track at 200 mph in your very own living room, is every boy's fantasy. Imagine picking a car, in either red, silver or black, and jumping into a genuine F1 car, fully equipped with tires and brakes.

Designed by FMCG International, the simulator is loaded with three 23-inch flat screens which displays your path, along with a 5.1 surround sound system that makes your experience feel as real as can be. The only downside is that the car doesn't have hydraulic actuators that bump you around tight corners like other high-end racing simulators.

Now comes the craziest part: the price tag. The simulator costs a whopping $120,000! At this price, you might as well buy a real sports car. However, if you're a really rich parent and have a kid that can't drive yet (or you're a really rich big kid), you can purchase one through Costco in the UK.

via [dvice]

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