Foreclosure Shadow Stories (5 pics)

What would it be like if you were given a 72-hour eviction notice? How would your life change? What kind of emotions would pulsate through your body? Artist John Husley sought to tell these stories through shadow forms that flickered through windows of abandoned homes. Called 72 Hours, the art installation combines video projection with direct action to address the harrowing experience of foreclosure.

“In one window, a family gathers around the dinner table. In another, a group of children play games. The home is empty – its residents long since moved out – but over the course of an evening, it is lit up from within by shadow projections.

“From the street, passersby witness unfolding events that reveal the life of the building's former residents.

“Then, sinister events start to occur. A constable arrives, delivering a 72-hour eviction notice. Someone hurls a pile of bank statements into the air. A woman watches as a moving crew forcibly evicts her from her home.”

Husley collaborated with people who have lost their homes or who are fighting to remain in their homes.

To see more, check out the audiovisual slideshow at the New York Times website.

John Husley

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