Fun Infographic: So, You Wanna Be a Professional Photographer?

If you're a fan of My Modern Met, more likely than not you have a strong interest in photography. Really, who hasn't dreamed of quitting their day job and pursuing photography as their full-time career? (My hand is raised and I'm the one asking the question.) But wait. There's a lot more to being a professional photographer than you might think.

Created by Fotoseeds, by way of Picture Correct, is this fun infographic that takes you through all the ins and outs of your, potentially, life-changing decision. From the common problems beginners face to the harsh realities you'll get hit with as a professional (love the Perception vs. Reality pie charts), this illustrated series couldn't have summed up the whole process better. Which path will you choose?

Fotoseeds website
via [Picture Correct]

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