The Most Exquisite Rooms Inside the Beautiful Louvre

As one of the world's most visited museums, it's rare to see the Louvre's array of lovely rooms completely empty. Through a project that began as a commission by Le Muse du Louvre, New York-based photographer Franck Bohbot gives us a rare glimpse of the colorfully ornate spaces throughout the museum. Each room is simply presented as a long empty hallway filled with strong lines, intricate textures, bold colors, and spectacular works of art.

By eliminating any human presence, Bohbot transforms each room into the art itself. Rather than focusing on the pieces hanging on the walls, viewers are invited to look more closely at the interior space and to inspect the patterns on the floor, the colors on the walls, and the elaborate designs that hang overhead.

The quiet, meditative compositions are filled with strong architectural elements that highlight the grandeur of the museum in all of its historic and present day significance. Through his work, Bohbot captures the very essence of the Louvre and brings Paris to all of his viewers throughout the world.

Franck Bohbot's website
The Louvre website

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