Unique Basketball Hoops Across New York City

This Game We Play is an ongoing series started by French photographer Franck Bohbot when he first moved to New York. Just about every neighborhood throughout the city has at least one community basketball hoop where neighbors and friends can meet to compete in a friendly game or just shoot around for fun. This observational project highlights the single hoop structures that are placed directly within different urban environments and serve as a central point for local gatherings.

In is signature style, Bohbot isolates the main focus, the hoop, and creates meditative compositions that include not one single person. Rather than becoming distracted by the chaos and excitement of a game, Bohbot invites us to observe the object as a single entity and to contemplate the stories behind it. Viewers can study the subtle differences ranging from the distinct backdrops and styles of court to the rusted poles of older hoops and the fresh paint of the newer hoops.

Franck Bohbot’s website
via [Really Shit]

January 24, 2017

New Intricately Detailed Tiny Animal Embroideries Made With Meticulous Stitching

Embroidery artist Chloe Giordano crafts stunningly sewn hoop art at an impossibly small scale. After first marveling at her embroidered animals last year, she’s back with even more meticulously stitched woodland creatures. Some of them are no larger than a thimble. Using subtle color changes and countless passes of the satin stitch, Giordano mimics the look of fur on hopping rabbits, sleepy squirrels, and scurrying mice.

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January 23, 2017

People Share Their Powerful Reasons for Joining the Women’s March

On Saturday, January 21—President Trump’s first full day in office—millions of people across cities, countries, and even continents took to the streets to fight for gender equality and reject the newly-inaugurated president’s attitude toward women. Although achieving equal rights was the primary goal of the march, many participants have flocked to Twitter to share their specific and personal reasons for joining the cause using the hashtag, #WhyIMarch.

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