Hi-Tech Fashion: Dress Projection Mapping

Could this be the future of fashion? French fashion designer Franck Sorbier unveiled his latest collection of haute couture for the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 that features a seamless (no pun intended) blend of fashion and technology. The designer’s new line of works consisted of only two models – one in a black, fitted dress with an elaborate, pointy hat and the other with a simple, white ball gown. While it may sound unusual for a high-fashion show to consist of only two clothing pieces, the white garment actually served as a canvas for projections, transforming the ensemble into numerous outfits.

Sorbier’s inspired display was as much a fashion show as it was a piece of performance art or a theatrical light installation. The presentation followed the dark fairy tale of Donkeyskin, which entails the story of a king, a grieving widower, who has promised his late wife that he shall only remarry a woman of equal beauty, which turns out to be his daughter. In an effort to avoid the marriage, the princess seeks the guidance of a fairy godmother who advises her to request the impossible – gowns that are the color of the sky, as bright as the sun, and the color of the moon.

Sorbier’s fashion show turns the impossible into reality with the stunning visual effects projected both on the backdrop and, of course, the gorgeous gown. Be sure to check out the video, below, that shows the brilliantly multi-patterned and animated dress in action.

Franck Sorbier website
via [BuzzFeed]

January 18, 2017

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