One Interactive Map Reveals the Wi-Fi Passwords From Airports Around the World

Frequent travelers understand the headache of finding decent Wi-Fi in most airports. Slow lines or service that is limited to 30 minutes can make killing time on a layover a nightmare. Travel blogger and computer security engineer Anil Polat has solved the problem with this online map of crowdsourced Wi-Fi passwords in airports around the world. The current count is at 132 airports, with the map being updated continuously.

If you can't access internet in order to pull up the interactive map, Polat also developed paid apps for Android and iOS that work offline. Whether it's sidling up to an airport lounge or moving to a part of the airport with the best signal, the map gives you the best tips on how to optimize your browsing experience until your flight departs.

Anil Polat: Website | Facebook
via [Mashable]

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