Surreal Illustrations Reveal an Imaginative Adventure within Everyone's Minds

Within our own imagination, anything is possible. Montreal-based illustrator Gabriel levesque visually conceptualizes this abstract notion with his series titled Mind's Eye. The alluring images feature a silhouetted figure who is illuminated by the scenes taking place in their head. Each inner picture tells its own story, with a tiny person confronting a foggy, grandiose landscape. levesque provides little information about who they are, but we get the sense that these imagined characters are about to embark on an epic journey.

The project, started just this year, was inspired by Joseph Campbell's iconic saying, "You are the hero of your own story." Because levesque has made his primary figures faceless and genderless, it allows us to place ourselves within the illustrations–they encourage us to reflect on our own lives and act as a reminder that we help shape our own destiny.

Gabriel Ievesque: Behance | Facebook | Instagram
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January 18, 2017

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