Delicious Home-Cooked Meals from Grandmothers Across the Globe

If there’s one thing that reminds us of home, it’s the thought of a wonderful, home-cooked meal by Grandma in her cozy kitchen. Since we last posted about Gabriele Galimberti’s Delicatessen with Love series in 2012, the Italian photographer has visited even more grandmothers from across the globe, inviting them to share their signature dishes with the rest of the world. Each heartwarming diptych consists of a portrait of the grandma surrounded by the raw ingredients in her home, accompanied by a close-up shot of the delicious meal.

Galimberti, who photographed grandmothers in 58 different countries for this series, was struck by the idea before he embarked on a globetrotting trip for his couch surfing project. To ensure that he had at least one good meal before leaving, the photographer’s grandma prepared a dish of ravioli for him before his departure. “In that occasion I said to my grandma, ‘You know, Grandma, there are many other grandmas around the world and most of them are really good cooks,'” Galimberti explained to Slate. “‘I’m going to meet them and ask them to cook for me so I can show you that you don’t have to be worried for me and the food that I will eat!’ This is the way my project was born!”

The beautiful presentation, variety of foods, personal details, and loving sentiment make this series not only a fascinating study of cuisines around the world, but also a touching homage to grandmothers everywhere. To see more photos, captions, and full recipes of each dish, be sure to check out Galimberti’s website.

Above: Timimoun, Algeria – Lebgaa Fanana, 42 years old – Chicken and vegetables couscous

La Paz, Bolivia – Julia Enaigua, 71 years old – Queso humacha (vegetables and fresh cheese soup)

Reykjavk, Iceland – Valagerdur Olafsdttir, 63 years old – Kjotspa (lamb and vegetables soup)

Saint-Jean du Sud, Haiti – Serette Charles, 63 years old – Lambi in creole sauce

Cairo, Egypt – Fifi Makhmer, 62 years old – Kuoshry (pasta, rice and legumes pie)

Lima, Peru – Itala Revello Rosas, 77 years old – Corvina fish ceviche

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Ana Lucia Souza Pascoal, 53 years old – Fejoada (pork and bean stew), light version

American Fork, Utah, USA – Melanie Hill , 50 years old – Chocolate toffee trifle

Chongqing, China – Pan Guang Mei, 62 years old – Hui guo rou (twice-cooked pork with vegetables)

Mendoza, Argentina – Isolina Perez De Vargas, 83 years old – Asado criollo (mixed meats barbecue)

Albania – Neriman Mitrolari, 52 years old – Burekoep domate (layered egg custard pie)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Bisrat Melake, 60 years old – Injera with curry and vegetables

Florianpolis, Brazil – Rosane Liborio, 54 years old – Garlic prawns with rice and prawns pirao

Aghrimz, Morocco – Fatma Bahkach, 59 years old – Bat bot (Berber bread baked in a pan)

Beirut, Lebanon – Wadad Achi, 66 years old – Mjadara (rice and lentils cream)

Gabriele Galimberti’s website
via [Distractify]

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