Loving Dad with Cancer Writes Over 800 Napkin Notes to His Daughter

44-year-old Garth Callaghan has faced numerous difficulties in recent years, namely his diagnosis of cancer on three separate occasions over the course of two years. Having been diagnosed with prostate cancer once and kidney cancer twice, the devoted family man has been given an 8% chance of surviving beyond another five years. In fact, his doctor plainly stated, “You are going to die of this.”

With this daunting thought on his mind, Callaghan decided to think ahead for his family, particularly his daughter Emma. Since Emma was a little girl, the doting dad had packed a note with her lunches that offered some fatherly words of wisdom or just a quick message of encouragement. Looking ahead, he decided to continue writing daily notes for his now 14-year-old daughter as she finished middle school. Actually, he resolved to write 826 notes on napkins for her, one for everyday of class through her high school years.

The touching notes range from personal messages to inspiring quotes that encourage strength and growth. In fact, it has even inspired Emma to secretly leave her dad a few notes of her own.

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