Get Lit, with DailyLit!

Is “read more” one of your New Year's Resolutions? It may be easy to do, with a little help from DailyLit – a site that emails you books in short, digestible installments – you guessed it – daily. You may also choose a non-daily schedule, as well as length and delivery time of the emails. Genius!With a catalog of over 1,300 novels to choose from (many of which are free), this nifty service makes re-reading the classics a breeze and oh so great. Spoiler alert: F Scott Fitzgerald makes Gossip Girls look like a church group. And don't forget, it was he who dreamed up Benjamin Button.I know this may seem a little retarded compared to the massive amount of prose already offered by the powerful Amazon Kindle and Google Books, but sometimes, simple works for me, especially after obliterating a good number of brain cells on New Year's Eve.Don't believe me? Try it once and you will be hooked.

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